Nemo Phuket Dolphin show

Phuket Province 33/50, М.2, Т.Chalong, A.Muang, Phuket, Thailand, 83130. Аdministration (66) 076 37 43 00


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tel: +66993137666

Special rate

These discounts are valid only for pre-booking on the website and the subsequent purchase of tickets
at the box office of the Dolphinarium

1. 10% discount if use self driving moto/carBuy / book tickets

2. 15% discount (early bird - booking 3 days in advance)Buy / book tickets

3. 15% discount if you have Thai driver license (+family)Buy / book tickets

4. Group package 15 + 1 free personBuy / book tickets

5. For agencyBuy / book tickets

NEMO hotels take part in the UITT 2014 show


Сеть отелей с дельфинами «Немо» и Международный культурно-оздоровительный комплекс «Немо» приняли участие…

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